We Belong, Stories of the New Daughters of Europe

Who belongs to Europe? The question is ancient, but the answer keeps changing. Join Yasmine Ouirhrane, appointed expert by the European Union and the African Union, in this series of conversations with young women representing the diversity of Europe. She will travel and meet women who are breaking stereotypes, navigating multiple identities, and challenging the conventional wisdom of what it means to belong. We Belong is a podcast produced by Les Cavalcades.



In France with Inès Leonarduzzi: The Digital Ecologist

For the #13 episode of We Belong, we go to France to meet Inès Leonarduzzi, the CEO and Founder of Digital for the Planet

In Belgium with Sara Lou: the Bright Side of Molenbeek

For the #11 episode of We Belong, we traveled to Belgium to meet Sara Lou, a YouTuber and Digital Marketing Strategist. Along with her two sisters, she is part of the “Molem Sisters” collective from Molenbeek

In the UK with Fatima Zaman: a Next Gen Counter Extremist

For the #10 episode of We Belong, we traveled to the UK to meet inspiring Fatima Zaman, peace activist and advocate at the Kofi Annan Foundation.

In Italy with Giada Zhang: being a CEO

For the #9 episode of We Belong, we traveled to Italy to meet Giada Zhang, a female CEO at the head of a family business called Mulan.

In Germany with Rebecca Korang: the Rootless

On the #8 episode of We Belong, we are in Germany with Rebecca Korang, a performing artist, dancer and choreographer based in Berlin.

In Sweden with Evin Incir – Fostering Solidarity at the European Parliament

For this new episode of We Belong, we travel to Sweden to meet Evin Incir, a newly elected Member of the European Parliament.

In Belgium with Hanan Challouki – An Impact Builder

For the #6 episode of We Belong, we take you to Belgium to meet the mind behind a million visitors website, Hanan Challouki!

In the UK with Gena-mour Barrett – From South London to working at Netflix UK

For the #5 episode of We Belong, we take you to the UK to meet Gena-mour Barrett, a journalist and Editorial Creative Manager at Netflix UK, where she curates the Netflix IX interview series

In France with Linh Lan Dao – Anti-Asian Racism and Media

For the #4 episode of We Belong, we are back to France to meet Linh Lan Dao, a French TV Journalist for Franceinfo télévision

In Spain with Miriam Hatibi – Between outrage and activism

For the #3 episode of We Belong, we take you to Spain to meet Míriam Hatibi, an activist against racism and islamophobia and the author of “Look Me in the Eye” and “Leila”.

In Italy with Bellamy – An Afroitalian Soul

We recorded a special interview on remote where we take you to Milan, in Italy, the most affected country by the coronavirus. We discussed with Bellamy, a model, a blogger and an activist. Her word: Multifaceted.

In France with Inès Seddiki – Turning stigma into strenght

She is a French-Moroccan young activist and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) professional living in the banlieues of Paris. In the 80s, her parents immigrated to France to pursue ideals of liberty and equality.