For the #3 episode of We Belong, we take you to Spain to meet Míriam Hatibi, an activist against racism and islamophobia and the author of “Look Me in the Eye” and “Leila”. Miriam also contributes to the opinion sections of different publications, where she promotes a visible media presence for people of diverse origins, particularly women. Following the August 2017 terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils, Míriam vehemently condemned terrorism at a demonstration in Plaça de Catalunya that brought together hundreds of Muslims. Since December 2014, she has been the spokesperson for the Ibn Battuta Foundation (FIB), an entity created to promote socio-cultural exchange.

In conversation with Miriam, we recalled her reaction to the terrorist attacks and how she works to deconstruct islamophobia and stereotypes surrounding muslim people. We also spoke about her ambition to create new spaces for immigrant daughters to shine in society.

Keys: Code Academy, One Young World Scholarships



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