For the #2 episode of We Belong, we recorded a special interview on remote where we take you to Milan, in Italy, the most affected country by the coronavirus. We discussed with Bellamy, a model, a blogger and an activist. Her word: Multifaceted. Bellamy was born and raised in Italy in a half Ugandan and half Sudanese family. Her interests range from fashion and skin care to international politics. She becomes increasingly passionate about socio-cultural issues with a focus on the experience of the black body in different countries and while doing some research on this matter she feels called to take action in her own country. With her friend Grazia, she created Afroitalian Souls: a web magazine that is now a digital platform that promotes the excellence of the African diaspora in Italy while simultaneously bringing awareness to the endless social and racial issue they face. In conversation with Bellamy, we discussed the impact of Covid-19 in Italy, the structural and cultural forms of violence that black Italians face and how she uses sarcasm and style to amplify the voice of Afroitalians on social media. Find her on Youtube, Instagram and Twitter @AfroitalianSoul, @Darkchocolatecreature, @BellamyAwot Keys: Yoga sessions with @bodymind_focus , Netflix series: Self Made , Learning platform:



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