For the #11 episode of We Belong, we traveled to Belgium to meet Sara Lou, a YouTuber and Digital Marketing Strategist. Along with her two sisters, she is part of the “Molem Sisters” collective from Molenbeek, which aims to share positive narratives from this Brussels municipality.
In 2019, she did the cover of the song ‘Balance ton quoi’ by Belgian singer Angèle, echoing the #MeToo Movement, to denounce the Islamophobia experienced by veiled women, such as cyber-harassment or discrimination in hiring. The video quickly created a buzz, exceeding 800.000 views. Listen here:
In conversation with Sara-Lou, we explored the different roles she covers as a full-time Mother, a part-time Entrepreneur and Youtuber. She spends 80% of her time in Molenbeek and she delivers trainings on digital marketing, available here:
Key: Book “The Art of Disruption: A Manifesto for Real Change”, by Magid Magid.


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